We provide a platform to showcase the work of Illustrators in the UK and abroad whilst shedding light on informative subject matter.

Pairing events and talks with our exhibitions and book releases we’re keen to partner writers, architects, scientists, thinkers, and so on.. with Illustrators on selected topics to provide accessible learning experiences for all. We work on a small scale, our shop sells short-run books and high quality artwork. All prints are numbered and signed by the artist and we like to include a bit of information about the origin or brief behind the work produced.

Avid doodlers, we take our name from our love of scribbling in notebooks. The plate part being what is used to make up a print*. It also alludes to our first two projects which are all about food, and those great illustrated pages you get in the middle of old educational books, plates.

We love: people, food, culture, stories, exploration and much more so say hello if you’d like to work with us. We’re at hello@doodleplate.com

Check out our store with work from our first exhibition Nixtamal.


  1. *A sheet of metal, plastic, or some other material used to make multiple copies of type or illustrations